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I'm a business-oriented, self-taught techie with a creative eye. I've developed software products full-time, freelanced to help small businesses build their online presence, and advised growing startups on the UI/UX of their products.

Andreea Chidu

My Story

A self-proclaimed "impatient perfectionist," I'm always diving into something new, eager to learn. While this may seem disjointed on the outside, I find the every new experience and skill adds to my ability of seeing the big picture. To connect the dots - and the people - into creative solutions to cross-functional problems.


Oh, and I ask a lot of questions.

My Values

Be open. It widens perspective.

Stay curious. You'll stumble on new things.

Don't be afraid to question. Ever.

Outside of Work

My idea of fun is gutting a work van, building a camper, and taking it across the country with a camera in hand. If I'm not somewhere in the mountains, you'll find me reading exclusively non-fiction books, from investing to real estate to philosophy to the science of sleep.

The Generalist

A dabbler, an explorer, a learner — a Jane of many trades and master of none. While most focused on product design and development, my horizons include healthcare, finance, and engineering. 

Andreea Chidu
Andreea Chidu
Experience & Roles

Experience & Roles

Aura Finance

January 2023 - Present

Product Manager

At Aura Finance — a consumer fintech app — I build product for the next generation of investors. I help define a 6-12 month product roadmap, scope new features as well as UX improvements, and work with a team of in-house and agency-based developers to execute on the roadmap. One of the biggest projects to-date has been reimagining the product's mental model and leading the design of a new onboarding.

Harbor Real Estate Fund

October 2020 - Present

Project Manager, UI/UX

Based in Poland and managed out of New York, Harbor needed somebody that could bridge the gap between their development shop and the executive team. Leveraging my Product skills, I am able to translate business requirements into actionable tasks and manage the project.


June 2017 - December 2017


Straight out of college with an Entrepreneurship degree in-hand, I joined my co-founder in Los Angeles to co-found this lifestyle travel app. My primary focus was developing a functional prototype of the product, testing it with users, and meeting with developers to plan the technical build. 

Capable Health

January 2022 - January 2023

Product Manager

At Capable Health — a B2B, digital health tech platform — I lead several engineering squads to deliver features across three core product lines. Most notably, I owned the complete (open-sourced and white-labeled) patient-facing experience — we were building the tools that helped digital health providers find, convert, onboard and engage their patients.

All Kind Supply

September 2021 - Present


I founded All Kind Supply out of my desire to support the vegan movement. My vision is to empower this generation of ethical vegans to champion their beliefs. As a solo-founder, my skills were put to the test when forming the entity, managing the finances, designing the supply chain, and developing the brand.

Green Check Verified

April 2019 - June 2021

Product Strategist, Customer Success

The majority of my time at Green Check was spent working directly with developers, designing new features, and troubleshooting technical client issues. Being a startup, I was able to wear many hats, including stepping in as the Director of Marketing and taking on the role of Head of Customer Success + Support.

Folk Rebellion

January 2018 - December 2018

Project Manager, Partnerships

At Folk Rebellion I gained my first real taste of wearing many hats and acting at the synapse between functions. After having interned during college, I was hired on a year later to assist the solo-founder in all things operations, marketing, process and data related. I also gained my first experience with supporting customers and managing issues.

Skills & Languages

Product Management

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Fluent Romanian
Conversational French
& Always Learning

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