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The Pao App is a social-travel meets lifestyle app aimed at helping millennials navigate the ever-impossible question of "what should I do today." I served as the company's co-founder, tackling tasks such as product innovation, prototyping, user testing and growth hacking. I worked with tools like Photoshop, Invision, Wix and Slack in the process of kickstarting the company. I met and spoke with app and web developers in LA and around the world, as well as 20+ potential early investors in New York City. The Pao team continues to work on the project, however I no longer serve as the co-founder of the company.
  • Concept development
  • Product innovation
  • User persona development
  • Prototype build
  • User testing
  • Growth hacking
  • Landing page development
Landing Page Preview
The purpose of the landing page is to gauge user interest by presenting the concept in a brief and interesting way, and to prompt them to sign up through multiple call-to-action buttons, such as one for signing up to be a beta tester.
This is an example of a graphic we called "#Relatable" which is meant to illustrate common frustrations Pao's users my currently face while trying to plan their days/trips.

Getting your friends' recommendations:

Saving spots you want to try:

Choosing where to eat:

No more sending texts like, "Hey, I'm going to London, what are your favorite spots?" and making your friend do the work for you.

No more searching through your 20,000 photos trying to find that one restaurant you screenshot 2 years ago on Facebook.

No more opening 15 tabs of Yelp, Instagram, Google, someone's food blog, Maps, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable to find the perfect spot.

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