Gabelli Consulting Cup

Business Consulting for Staples Inc.

The Consulting Cup starts at the beginning of a semester-long integrated project course in which my assigned team of four others and I were assigned a real company to investigate. The company we were tasked with investigating was Staples Inc. We had four months to identify the company’s biggest problem in the marketplace, come up with an innovative solution, and present our proposal to a panel of industry judges and professors in a 15-minute presentation.
My team and I researched the company, conducted ratio analyses, identified multiple business challenges, conducted a market analysis, and crafted a solution proposal in the form of a letter to the newly appointed CEO, Mr. Ronald L. Sargent.
This was an incredibly demanding project with several extensive deliverables, but I must admit that - together with the accounting, finance, information systems, business strategy, management and marketing classes we were taking simultaneously - it was the best real-world practice I could have gotten.
My team and I made it to the semi-finals round, competing against all the other Gabelli School of Business sophomores. 
  • Team management
  • Reviewing 10-k reports
  • Ratio analyses
  • Time management
  • Market analyses
  • Website build
  • Report finalization
  • Final presentation
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